It’s a pretty big decision to sign up your preschooler for piano lessons!  An encouraging first experience in piano lessons is critical to a student’s future musical enjoyment.  Every aspect of the WunderKeys program has been carefully designed and tested to create an engaged, constructive, positive, and FUN learning environment.

An all-encompassing piano lesson that is specifically designed with active preschoolers in mind means that students will participate in LOTS of different and unique activities during their weekly lesson time.  This ensures that they remain focused, engaged, and happy.

The developmental abilities of 3- through 5-year olds are very different than that of 6-year olds and older, for which most other piano programs are created.  There are many different concepts that our preschool students need to grasp before jumping into a “traditional” piano piece.  Therefore, WunderKeys preschool piano lessons are spent exploring the piano in ways in which they are capable.  All lessons are geared towards having them understand everything they will need to know before being able to read notated music.  It is the perfect way to lead into a mainstream method book…And a life of musical enjoyment.

To help you make this important decision for your preschooler, please spend some time looking over the following document.  It will help you understand what the WunderKeys program is like, whether your child is ready for piano lessons, and how you can help your child at home.


Did you know preschoolers get their first month FREE?!

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