Piano Tuning

We all know that we need to keep our acoustic pianos tuned, but do you know the reasons WHY acoustic pianos need to be tuned?  It’s much like a car…We have to get the oil changed regularly in order for the car to run smoothly.  Otherwise, we will have all kinds of problems.  The same goes for regularly tuning of an acoustic piano.  Without regular tunings, there can be all of kinds of problems with the piano itself, but it can also begin to effect the person PLAYING the piano.  Pianos will last a lot longer when they are kept maintained.  It is recommended to have them tuned once if not twice a year to help them have a good, long life and keep the musician playing the piano “well tuned” themselves.  Even if the piano is not being played it’s very important to keep it tuned.

A piano teacher from Pennsylvania (who I have only met through online piano teaching forums) recently obtained a Yamaha piano that was terribly out of tune.  She made videos of her new piano before and after tunings and the videos are quite telling of what happens to the sound quality of a piano when it is not kept maintained.  You can view her blog post and videos here.

I hope this has enlightened you to the importance of piano maintenance.  For more information about why it’s important to keep your piano tuned, check out the links below.  Happy playing…Hopefully on a tuned piano!  🙂

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