Kids instinctively love music…It’s just engrained in them from a very young age.  Unfortunately, many kids end up hating piano lessons at some point.  Studies have actually shown that the biggest fear many parents have about signing up their child for piano lessons is that their child will eventually hate the piano.  WHY IS THIS?!

The Problem

At first, kids are excited about piano lessons, and since we live in a world of immediate results, they expect to be able to play Beethoven and Mozart right away.  How disappointing when they discover that only so much can be accomplished in a 30-minute private lesson, so it will take YEARS to get to that point!

Most kids also view piano lessons as “just more homework.”  It’s just another task to check off the never-ending list of school assignments, sports practices and games, other extracurricular activities, church functions, chores, family obligations, and the list goes on and on…

Parents tell me often that they remember their own childhood piano lessons as being boring and tedious.  They say that they quit because they hated practicing or they found playing the piano to be just too difficult.  Interestingly, however, these are the same parents who, without fail, say they wish they had never quit piano lessons.  But yet, they worry that their child won’t practice and they will have a constant battle on their hands.

What if piano lessons weren’t boring and tedious?  What if practicing wasn’t considered “just more homework?” And what if a child learned to play the piano in the most enjoyable environment you can imagine?

Sadly, most piano lesson programs focus an awful lot on FACTS and very little on creativity, music appreciation, and musical enjoyment. At Music With Sarah Piano Studio, we believe that we have truly cracked the code in motivating students when it comes to learning to play the piano.  We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching kids…One that taps into a child’s natural sense of curiosity and exploration.  By encouraging children to have fun and relax at the piano, they will have nothing that keeps them from reaching their full potential.

The Solution

At Music With Sarah Piano Studio, we have made it our goal to create the most relevant, motivating, and inspiring piano lessons we possibly can.

In our piano lessons, our students:

      • Learn the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, theory, sight-reading, etc.) from their very first lesson, setting the stage for success in playing all types of music.
      • Learn, review, and retain new musical concepts through the use of games and composing their own music.
      • Complete their method books and master skills much quicker than the average piano student.  Many students even complete their method books quicker than the average time the book publisher recommends (about 16 weeks per book).
      • Receive the benefits that science has shown piano lessons to provide (increase academic performance, higher IQs, promoting a sense of balance, reducing stress, increasing self-esteem, etc.) in an encouraging and positive environment.
      • Feel motivated, excited, and prepared to easily complete practice assignments at home.

We hear many parents say that our program is nothing like what they endured growing up.  They are happy because their children are taking piano lessons that meet them right where they are.

So, would you like more information?  Or a free trial lesson?