Is Your Preschooler Ready for Piano Lessons?

Many people are shocked when they learn that I teach children as young as 3-years old.  Most teachers don’t want to teach such young children because of the lack of focus among many other reasons.  However, teaching preschoolers is what I absolutely LOVE!  They are so much fun!  And FUN is exactly what the WunderKeys preschool piano readiness lessons are all about!

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Is your preschooler ready for piano lessons?  This is a question that I’m sure many parents have in the back of their minds…In fact, I KNOW this is a question that parents struggle with.  To be totally honest, many parents contact me to get their 3-year old started with lessons only to decide NOT to enroll after considering it in detail.  Although, there is a HUGE difference in maturity, focus, learning ability, etc. between 3-year olds, 4-year olds, and 5-year olds, the WunderKeys program is designed for these ages in particular…But not every child is ready for it.  How do you know if your preschooler is or is not ready?  Below are some questions to ask yourself to assess whether or not your preschool child is ready for piano readiness lessons.

Is My Child Ready For WunderKeys Piano Lessons?  |  WunderKeys

Many preschoolers are not yet ready to learn the piano and that’s okay!  Parents may find that a child who is not ready now will be more mature in 6 months or so.  Parents are always welcome to add their preschool child to the waiting list at the studio as they mature.  This will ensure that there will be a spot for them when they are ready to begin!

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