Practice Tips for Preschoolers

Our preschool piano readiness lessons are very different from traditional piano lessons.  They have to be different in order to meet the unique needs of a preschool student and the way their developing brain works.  So what are some ways that you can help your preschooler practice at home?


Here are the top 5 practice tips to help parents assist their preschool student during at-home practice time.  Using these suggestions can help your preschool student be extremely successful during their time in the WunderKeys program.

Top 5 Practice Tips for WunderKeys Students  |  WunderKeys

15 Ways to Fill Your Child’s Piano Practice Tank


Parents of children who are involved in sports are ALWAYS cheering on their children, right?  I mean, we want our children to do well and we want to encourage them in their efforts.  But do we do the same for our children who are involved in music lessons?

Practicing the piano is not usually a child’s idea of fun.  Believe me, I’VE BEEN THERE!  If I could give you a dime for every time I fought with my mother over piano practice, you’d be rich!  By the time I was in high school, I HATED playing the piano, and the reason why came down to one word…PRACTICE!  I begged my mom to let me quit, but she wouldn’t let me.  And you know what?  To this day, I am extremely thankful for that.  If my mom wouldn’t have encouraged me to follow through on my commitment, I would not be where I am today.  This music studio is growing every single week and I owe it all to my mother.

You are doing your children a favor by encouraging them in their musical endeavors and not giving in every time they want to quit simply because they think it’s “too hard” or they don’t want to practice.  Practice is not up to your child.  It’s up to you as the parent because it is YOUR money that you are investing in their education and dreams.  But who says piano practice has to be boring?  Who says it can’t be fun?  And who says that you can’t encourage your musical child in the same way you would your sporty child?

This blog post (again, from my favorite music teaching bloggers, Teach Piano Today) has some AMAZING ideas for “filling your child’s piano practice tank.”  Use some of these ideas this week and be prepared for the piano practice wars to end!

(Although this post is written specifically with PIANO students in mind, the tips it provides apply to all music students, including voice students from our studio.)

15 Ways to Fill Your Child’s Piano Practice Tank  |  Teach Piano Today

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice…It’s one of the biggest reasons students quit taking music lessons of any kind.  Nobody likes to “practice” being better at something.  We all just naturally expect to do something well the first time.  Unfortunately, that’s almost NEVER the case…Unless your  child is a genius!  🙂  Artists must practice painting and sculpting in order to make a name for themselves.  Athletes must practice catching, throwing, and kicking to make it to the big leagues.  And music students must practice scales, technique, and theory to become the next Beethoven, Mozart, or Taylor Swift…Of course, they must practice even if they DON’T have aspirations of becoming the next big composer or music star.  Without practice, it’s impossible to achieve goals.

In this post, I wanted to give parents just a few practical resources for helping and encouraging their children to practice.  It is my hope that something listed here will encourage a positive practice experience for all!

  1. ARTICLE:  10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Music Practice — I would highly encourage parents to take some time to read this article!  It really lays out some great basic tips for encouraging your child to use his/her practice time wisely.
  2. BOOK:  Not Until You’ve Done Your Practice! by Philip Johnson — The subtitle of this book is literally “The classic survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing.”  Couldn’t be more perfect, huh?  I think that says it all!
  3. BOOK:  Shhhh…Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice — This book is fantastic!  It contains 88 creative and FUN practice ideas to keep kids interested and actually excited about practicing.  Check out the link for a super cool video and some sample activities…And if you’d like your own copy, there’s no need to buy one (although, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind!).  I can get you a copy of the book as quickly as you can say the word “practice!”  🙂
  4. IPAD/TABLET APPS:  There are lots of great apps out there that can make practice more fun.  Perhaps I have assigned some flashcards for your child to review.  Why go through boring flashcards when you can just find an app that accomplishes the same goal and makes it FUN?!  Let me know if you need some app ideas!
  5. REMEMBER:  The policy handbook includes LOTS of practice tips as well!  The one key thing to remember is this:  PRACTICE DAILY.  That’s it.  Did you know that students who practice daily are:  1) More likely to use their practice time wisely, 2) Practicing more, and 3) More likely to continue taking music lessons?  Also, remember that consistent practice is FAR better than intermittent practice.  This is a MUST in order to ensure your child’s progress and enjoyment.

Never be afraid to contact me if you need other practical ways you can help your child practice.  Although children usually don’t like to practice voluntarily, instilling a positive and encouraging practice routine and environment will ensure that your child will enjoy playing and PRACTICING their instrument!